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I'm a transwoman with a massive passion for gaming, and an even bigger passion for art. I greatly enjoy sharing my ideas and progress with other people, and I really want to one day help aspire others to share pursue their dreams like I was aspired to. <3

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[Status Update] - What I've Been Up To (3.5.2021)

Posted by TruMediaMix1 - March 5th, 2021

I apologize in advance to anyone who has been recently following me that was concerned during my time off of Newgrounds.

For real, though, these past few days were pretty rough for me. Not emotionally - but physically. All you need to know is that I've gotten a nasty toothache lately due to me taking shit care of my teeth growing up. I've gotten back in the habit of brushing and rinsing regularly, but it's, ironically, agitated my cavities further and not done a whole lot to mend my teeth.

Very recently, I got to visit the dentist, finally. The good news? Root canals are not out of the question! The bad news? Some of my teeth are beyond repair and will have to get removed (and likely, hopefully, replaced with dental implants).

On the topic of my art, however, I got good news!

My toothache did stall my progress (it was so bad that it woke me up at night from time to time), but the pain has died down enough, so far, that I think it may be safe to say that I can resume work on my ongoing art. Here's a list of goals I have set in mind for my artwork so far:

  1. I fully intend to create more character portraits of the Old Gods and other significant characters in the Fantaji metaverse. (What I do is that I basically hand-draw the line art out first, then I scan it with an app on my iPhone, and then I do the rest on Paint.NET or Autodesk SketchBook.) This isn't the *only* thing I'm going to be making, however. I also intend to be working on landscapes, maps of the Fantaji metaverse, and maybe even take up commissions if people ever develop an interest to work with me.
  2. I hope to also share "traditional art" versions of my work, but I'm not too sure if that'd be accepted into the portal. I'm not certain if they'd accept that since most of the artwork I see in the portal is professionally digital. My trad. artwork, in this context, aren't "sketches", as far as I can tell - they're basically meant to be completed illustrations completely I made using pencils and paper. If anyone has any information regarding these kinds of art posts, I'd wish to be informed whenever possible.
  3. I'm gonna be straight with y'all, but I don't intend to exclusively make "SFW" artwork and stories. The Fantaji metaverse, like our own real world, has its fair share of mature subjects - both in terms of emotional weight and in terms of, "mmm... booba..." I fully intend to branch out my work into various genres - even if some of it is stuff that's best enjoyed privately. For me, it's more fun to be able to branch out my metaverse into different genres rather than try to come up with a completely new one for a different genre.

Currently, I'm catching up on all the stuff I've stalled up due to me staying in bed with my toothache (and living off of painkillers and yogurt :P ). That includes chores, my art, and my social media. I've got a lot on my plate if I wanna catch up, but I'm in no rush.

That's all for now! <3


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That sounds like a whole lot of ouch! I feel you. I had my first cavity filled recently -- also due to me taking shit care of my teeth... and my mom years ago cleaning the aquarium in the sink and somehow getting an aquarium rock into the macaroni. I didn't eat macaroni for a couple years after that. Glad you're on track to being okay!