I'm a transwoman with a massive passion for gaming, and an even bigger passion for art. I greatly enjoy sharing my ideas and progress with other people, and I really want to one day help aspire others to share pursue their dreams like I was aspired to. <3

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Sorry in advance for anyone that was worried about me due to my unannounced hiatus from Newgrounds and YouTube. Aside from me being busy lately due to my job searching at the time, I'm still a bit of an emotional wreck (not that I think that's embarrassing for me to say and it's important to talk about anyways), my overall hiatus stemmed from my addiction to video games and my newfound employment as a retail worker.

To help make things up for my hiatus, I'd like to take a moment to talk about my ongoing plans for Fantaji, along with a new passion project of mine I've been closeting for some time that I want to share with y'all. :)

Fantaji - Ongoing Directions and Progress Update

I have a lot to say about what I've got in store for Fantaji so far, so here's a quick bulleted list about stuff I have in mind:

  • The "art style" I use for Fantaji will no longer be something I'll exclusively do for Fantaji. Now, I plan on using it for all my work. Period.
  • I'm going to stop restricting my character design to clothes I can find online and instead just go ham on what I want them to look like. :D
  • There's a lot on my plate still regarding the worldbuilding of Fantaji. Stay tuned for some lore updates!
  • Due to my ongoing employment, I won't have as much time to work on my artwork as I used to. I won't let that stop me, though!
  • I wish to, at some point between now and 2022, make a mod of Empire at War that takes place during the War for Andromeda - a major war between 8 armies for control of the galaxy.

"Legends of Lucasia" - A Fanonical Star Wars AU

Star Wars is one of the bigger cultural influences that motivated me to create Fantaji in the first place, next to other legendary IPs like Warhammer 40,000, Dead Space, and Bionicle. I've always had a bit of a closeted passion for making "fan fiction", but I've always been insecure about my writing to the point where I was afraid I'd never be able to create anything worth a damn. Starting today, I'm telling my own insecurities to stfu and let me actually start feeling confident about my own work - not just the fan fiction, but my writing overall.

Introduction to "Legends of Lucasia"

A long time ago - in many galaxies that lied far, far away from our own - there lied the galactic cluster known as "Lucasia" - where the Great Founders created life throughout the universe. When the Great Founders passed on to old age, their presence remained in their creations through The Force.

As humanity traveled beyond the Local Cluster, under the banner of the United Republic of Man, they came across Lucasia and its many worlds populated with tribal alien societies - from the mountainous villages of the togruta, the sprawling catacombs of the twi'leks, and even the recently industrialized arctic cities of the pantorans.

Despite the URM's uplifting of these many aliens to become spacebound civilizations, the dark beasts that lied within mankind would eventually give way to open civil war, fragmenting the United Republic of Man into the Empire of Mankind and the Commonwealth to Protect Lucasia.

In the aftermath of the "War Against Mankind", the united alien races of Lucasia prospered under the new banner of the Democratic Kingdom of Lucasia, with only a minority of humankind living under their banner. As the Kingdom's culture began to flourish, two major political powers would arise among their senate - the Jedi and the Sith.

The Jedi - conservative in their views - believed strongly in their traditions and the "Peace of the Force" - that a true understanding of The Force is to be at peace with the universe and maintain societal balance. The Sith, on the other hand, believed in the "Chaos of the Force" - that the Force cannot, and will never be, truly controlled, much like the universe itself, and that the only way to maintain society is to embrace constant change and constant conflict.

It is now the year 2121, more than a hundred years after the War Against Mankind, and war has begun to rise again in the growing injustices of the Democratic Kingdom of Lucasia. Greed and corruption has run rampant, and the growing mistreatment of the human populations has led to a new separatist movement - the Confederate Kingdom of Independent Systems. Their independence, unrecognized by the DKL, sparks a new war across the entire galactic cluster of Lucasia - the Clone Wars.

A Short List of Notable Differences between the Official Star Wars IP and My "Legends of Lucasia" Fanfiction:

  • The Jedi and Sith will not be intended to be portrayed as a "Good VS Evil", but rather a "Yin and Yang", and are inspired by IRL political parties and how they seem to butt heads all the time in modern society.
  • Legends of Lucasia, much like Fantaji, takes place in an alternate reality of our own universe, whereas the official Star Wars IP takes place "a long time ago - in a galaxy far, far away". By comparison, Legends of Lucasia is meant to take place "a long time from now - in several galaxies far, far away".
  • Legends of Lucasia will have many elements similar to Fantaji. This is due to me wanting to "stick to what I'm good at", if that makes any sense. There will be, however, some intended parallels to George Lucas' official works (along with many other noteworthy writers like Dave Filoni and such) to help retain the fact that it's about Star Wars. :)
  • Not every gun in Legends of Lucasia shoots tibana-fueled plasma.

I'm Getting a New PC! (And I'm Gonna Build it!)

Unfortunately, my current Alienware 15R2's battery is not charging anymore, so I need to move on to a new PC. This time, however, instead of buying a pre-made one: I'm gonna build one!

Here's a link to my build, for anyone interested.

That's all the news I have for now. Ty for reading. <3

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