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I'm a transwoman with a massive passion for gaming, and an even bigger passion for art. I greatly enjoy sharing my ideas and progress with other people, and I really want to one day help aspire others to share pursue their dreams like I was aspired to. <3

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[Lore Update] - The Old Gods, and Their Themes and Armies

Posted by TruMediaMix1 - February 27th, 2021

Sorry in advance for the inactivity over the past day or so. Gaming tends to take the best of me, sometimes. XD

I wanna take a moment to provide a little bit of lore regarding the peoples that inhabit the various Realms in the Fantaji metaverse. Only the True Goddes, Gaia, Herself knows how many universes there are in the metaverse, but she did bestow seven of them to Her son and daughters - the Old Gods.

Each of the Old Gods, though they are based on the Seven Deadly Sins, are basically the artists of their own worlds - sorta like me, you, and every other passionate worldbuilder, writer, etc.

(Wrath) Heaven - Realm of Maria the Divine

  • A universe where chunks of every planet's crust floated throughout space, like as if life itself knew only the beauty of the sky.
  • Gotham's Curse sent the floating crusts of all of Heaven's worlds into each other, forming entirely different planets in the process.

(Envy) Millennia - Realm of Medusa the Beautiful

  • A very magical universe rife with forestry coated with moss, flowers, and trees that pierced the clouds.
  • Gotham's Curse caused wildlife of Millenia to become openly ravenous towards Medusa's people, forcing Her armies to live underground to survive and rebuild.

(Greed) Opulentos - Realm of Arabella the Rich

  • A universe rife with asteroid fields, gigantic planets with subterranean civilizations, and valuable minerals.
  • Gotham's Curse caused people to begin fighting over the valuable resources of Opulentos, forming various corporate nations.

(Gluttony) Esuriit - Realm of Freya the Strong

  • A universe that can be best described as: "Can you eat that? Yes you can!"
  • Gotham's Curse made some of the stuff inedible, addictive, unhealthy, etc.

(Sloth) Brumellia - Realm of Elizabeth the Unflinching

  • A cyberpunk-esque universe where everything was pretty much fully automated. Factories, robots, and other mechanisms of mass production were all the rage.
  • Gotham's Curse transformed many of the robots of Brumellia into actual living beings - causing massive disruption in the overall flow of automation. Now, people had to actually get up and do stuff! D:

(Pride) Fortisera - Realm of Katrina the Great

  • A cold universe filled with snowy and ice-covered planets, yet still somehow diverse in terms of ecology and climate.
  • Gotham's Curse greatly amplified the intensity of Fortisera's snowstorms, forcing Katrina's people to hibernate during their planets' Winters.

(Lust) Pulchra - Realm of Gotham the Wicked

  • This is our universe - in all its chaos, and all its beauty.